rozkurczająco works on the circulatory krwionośnie of the penis that facilitates the achievement of an intensive and prolonged erection

Żeń szeń

Zhen Shen

contained in Zen - szeniu ginsenosides, lead to an increase in the number of eye-catching in the body of nitric oxide, which helps diastole blood vessels and causes increased blood flow to the penis, resulting in stronger and prolonged erections.

Tribulus Terrestris

Tribulus Terrestris
(buzdyganek ground)

helps improve natural testosterone levels and increase the number, viability, and sperm motility; these properties cause an immediate increase, libido and increase the intensity of the feelings seksualnychskutkuje more strong and long erection.

Effects Zytax?

The drug Zytax ensures greater libido and stronger and prolonged erection. In addition, the use of additives increases the intensity of sexual adventure. Men taking Zytax, able without problems to bring my wife to multiple orgasms.

How to dose tablets Zytax?

You should take two tablets Zytax 45-60 minutes before sexual intercourse. After taking the drug its effect persists for up to 2 hours where you will be constantly ready for action! Tablets Zytax, you can easily use every day, and it is even desirable, if you want to constantly improve their physique, sexy.

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Gregory 39lat

"With pleasure I publish this review because Zytax completely changed my life. In my youth I had no erection problems, but with age my sexy gradually started to decline. For me it was so frustrating. I have always tried to live a healthy lifestyle and feel much younger than they should have been metric. Only in the bedroom everything was different. Like 5 minutes came, I'm 20 years old. Since then, as I use Zytax everything has changed, I feel like a young God! During sex I feel like I have a dozen years younger than actually are. I recommend to all!”

Martin 37lat

"This product is brilliant! I've always loved sex, unfortunately, over the years my body began to refuse to obey me. It was harder for me to achieve erection, although I tried very hard. After the start of treatment Zyatxem, came diametralna change. I constantly want sex, and my dick again so good, as ever. Thank you!"

Patrick 28lat

"I am one hundred percent satisfied Zytaxu. This Supplement is awesome! I just bought another package, the only regret that I didn't I bought the extended package. Problems with erection I started already some time ago, didn't fully understand where they come from, because I'm only 28 years old. I realized that it was because of work. I have a very demanding boss who does that, being in the company of non-stop, to relieve stress. Male ego for a long time wouldn't let me buy pills, and I was just ashamed of myself. To order Zytaxu made me a girl. I am very grateful. Now I can return the favor by sponsoring her heavenly orgasm.”

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